Fantasy vs. Reality

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Fantasy vs. Reality

Silently, my senses begin to abandon their rationale…who is to say then what is real? The world that we live in, the reality, which we are a part of, is small and thus limited. That is why, in his infinite capacity for potential improvement, man created fantasy. Fantasy is BIG! To a certain extent it is more imaginative, more exciting, and more fun. Fantasy is like a lake where man throws all his ideas and dreams, and then he dives on in from the springboard of imagination. So, jump in to the lake. Why not? Just make sure that when you jump in to the lake you know how to get back from where you came from. Because, no matter how big a fantasy is, to the point that it somehow changes our perception of what is
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This is fantasy mixing itself with reality, that in the process, it is now becoming hard to determine whether that particular fantasy is still just a fantasy apart from reality or it is already mistaken to be reality itself. Soft trick of sun and shadow conjures the fruits and foliates into tall towers and halls, risen from the windy old streets. This would mean the sun playing tricks by producing shadows. Shadows are kind of a pointer to something, pointing to what is real and yet in itself is not real, just like the imagination. Just as the sun produces the shadow, the mind produces the imagination, wherein both the shadow and the imagination point to something that is real but again, in themselves alone are not real. And so, the sun playing tricks would mean conjuring or summoning the fruits and foliates, which refer to little bits of reality and transforming them into tall towers and halls, which in turn are pinpointing to grand and fantastical images. In other words, simple pieces of reality are then altered into majestic landscapes thus creating a fantasy. And to enhance the image more, the tall towers and halls are risen from the windy old streets. What do we usually find in windy old streets? We find dilapidated and out-of-date houses and structures and yet the image of tall towers and halls are found on those very streets. The very presence of tall towers and halls
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