Fantasy vs. Reality in Superman and Harry Potter and the Philosopher's Stone

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Reality and Fantasy are often thought as two worlds which when collided create incredible stories of wonder and mystery. Why no other genre of literature is more popular than that of fantasy right now. Seventeen of the top twenty highest grossing movies in the Unites States and Canada last year were fantasies and of those the top six were based on books or comics (MPAA, 21). Fantasy allows for the unexplained to occur and creates a world separate to that of reality. As such fantasy stories often allow the audience to escape from reality and travel to places where their problems do not matter. Fantasy is used in children’s stories as it allows the author to both avoid the mundane and drab world and deal with complicated issues under…show more content…
However, it is his parents who teach him right from wrong, and allow him to grow up with a good moral character. Superman is the person everyone wants to grow up to be. Superman’s quiet upbringing, opposite to Harry Potter’s is a direct response to the atmosphere of the time, and those who crated him. Siegel and Shuster were “scrawny” “near-sighted, cripplingly timid” unremarkable children who “didn’t stand out” (Jones 63). They created Superman to be the man that they wished to be, and in essence Clark Kent became the man they were. Being two Jewish young men in America looking for work, Siegel and Shuster ironically found a way to use their fantasy of becoming super-human as a job. Harry Potter’s origin is a bit more flushed out, being given more than two pages to tell it. Harry Potter’s orphanage is different from that of Superman’s. Superman’s orphanage comes out of necessity, forcibly being removed so that he would not perish. Harry Potter essentially faces two instances of being orphaned. The first comes as a result of an attack on him by the Dark Lord, later revealed to be Lord Voldemort, the evil, pseudo-fascist murderer of the wizarding world. Both of Harry’s parents die protecting him, and as such Voldemort’s attack on Harry backfires, vanquishing himself and leaving Harry with his famous lightning bolt scar. After the attack Harry is sent for by Albus Dumbledore, the headmaster of Hogwarts School for Witchcraft and

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