Far And Away Analysis

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The movie Far and Away is a good representation of the Oklahoma land rush, Homestead Act, and the immigrant life in the United States. In the movie, Joseph is a headstrong Irishman who is the son of a poor tenant farmer who will never be able to reach his full potential and realize his dreams if he remains on the family land. Joseph feels that by owning land in the United States it will help him move forward in his life. Joseph’s landlord was a good deception of the rich Ireland land owners. The landlords in Ireland is part of the reason why many Irelanders moved to the United States in hopes of owning their own land. The rich landlords who had farmers under their control made it very difficult to provide for their family on very little money and land. This was another reason was why farmers emigrated to America. Most of the Irish people were poor and unskilled and couldn’t take advantage of the opportunities for them either in business or moving west. In addition, Joseph and Shannon moved from Ireland to the United States in search of land. This portrays the Oklahoma land rush during 1889. The Oklahoma land rush was the first land rush into unassigned land. The Oklahoma land rush was a great opportunity for people emigrating to the west because it allowed anyone over the age of 21 to own land. The Oklahoma land rush also allowed for new cities, and new transportation to be established. Joseph and Shannon were determined to get a piece of land so they can have a better life
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