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Far Cry Primal - 5 Reasons That Will Lure You To Play

Far Cry Primal released a few days back for PC and the game has already garnered positive reviews from almost all the major critics. The USP of the game is obviously the game’s setting. For the first time in the Far Cry series, or any game for that matter, the game is set in the Stone Age. This came as a surprise to a lot of gamers, since developers are always thinking about the future and about the advancements that they can bring about. This game lets players have an experience like no one before. So, get ready for a journey through the Stone Age, encounter the beasts and be the ultimate tribal warlord.
1. Survival is the Key
Far Cry Primal puts a lot of emphasis on survival. Survival is not easy in the Stone Age as
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Everything From Scratch
Survival takes a whole new definition with Far Cry Primal. Unlike most of the other games which equips the players with futuristic weapons, health packs, vehicles and food, Primal lets players craft each and everything from scratch. Food, weapons and everything else must be crafter from what is available in the environment. At night, the forest is a different place and players need fire to make it through. Even weapons can be made flammable with fire.
4. Wildlife
Since the game is set in a time where none of the current animals exist, players get to experience a lot of new wildlife. The game features Mammoths, Saber-Toothed Cats, Irish Elks, Woolly Rhinoceros, Cave Lions and much more.
5. Raw, Gut-Wrenching Combat
Hand to hand combat is highly entertaining and exciting and Far Cry Primal lets players do just that. Since there are no modern weaponries, players will have to get close to their foes to make sure they are dead. Spears and a few projectiles are available, but may not do the job successfully always. Each situation has to be analyzed and a proper strategy has to be developed. The satisfaction of breaking the bones of enemies at close range can’t be
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