Farenheit 451 Paper

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“Faith is the heroism of the intellect” (Charles Henry Parkhurst). In Fahrenheit 451, by Ray Bradbury, the protagonist, Montag, is an intellect. In the society he lives in, books are illegal. The government feels threatened by people with the knowledge that books promote. Montag has the infamous job of a fireman, an odd twist on our society’s fireman. Fireman in this time start fires rather than stop them and the fuel for the fires are books. The government attempts to suppress thinkers; people who question orders given, people who question things that most just ignore. Montag’s job easily disguises his secret plots; Montag plans on planting books in fellow fireman’s houses in attempt to bring down this dystopian government. The…show more content…
Either he sacrificed everything he has worked for and let Faber lose his life too or he killed Beatty. Beatty’s death symbolizes the end of Montag’s life in that society. From there on out, Montag had to hide from the police and anyone who could potentially turn him in. His decision to kill Beatty portrays him as heroic because he made a tough decision that most wouldn’t make. Montag’s decision to kill Beatty makes him heroic also because he saved Faber from being arrested. Montag killed a good friend to save Faber, a man he has known for a week or two. As a true hero, he saw which person was more important to him and he made the tough decision to kill one of them. He stopped at no cost to stand up for what he believed in and that makes him truly heroic. Along with the end of his relationship with Beatty, Montag also ruined his relationship with his wife. “‘Let me alone,’ said Mildred. ‘I didn’t do anything’” (52). Montag and his wife, Mildred, have been struggling lately with their marriage. Montag has been doing everything he possibly can to keep it together and Mildred isn’t even making an effort. Montag finally breaks down and shows her all the books that he has been coveting in the air duct in their house. Mildred doesn’t know how to react when she sees the books. She wishes that Montag wouldn’t drag her into his own mess. She does not want to be involved with whatever he schemes. This scene symbolizes Montag’s heroism
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