Farenheit 451 by Ray Bradbury

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Chaos can turn into flames. Flames can lead into death and a lot more problems. Flames will cause a lot of body injuries. No one will want to see how it feels to be burnt or have a lot of different kinds of burns on them that will be a terrible feeling. Montag had a high internal of control, Montag is a person who only listens to himself and not everyone around him and not no one else. He is a self-person. Montag doesn’t think straight before making his first move. “NO,” Montag gazed beyond them to the wall with the typed lists of a million forbidden books. (PG.34) this made him think different about his job and why it exists. “Montag shut his eyes, “I’ll be in later maybe.” (PG.63) He was in taking the real reason behind being a fireman. Captain Beatty had a high external locus of control because he listens to everyone around him and not himself. “Beatty opened his eyes wide, Now Beatty was almost invisible, a voice somewhere behind a screen of smoke” somewhere behind a screen of smoke”. (PG.64) Beatty was a dictator, he felt like he was mainly in charge of everyone. “Colored people don’t lie little Sambo burn it. White people don’t feel good about Uncle Tom’s cabin burn it”. (PG.57) this shows that Beatty was trying to take over someone else’s family. This shows that Beatty was following after everyone else and doing what they do. Beatty and Montag was the main characters in the book. They don’t never worry about their
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