Farenheit 451 by Ray Bradbury

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Why did firefighters back then have to burn down books and burn down houses? Back in the during the novel how you know that people wasn't reading books and people was lying about them and they burn down the houses for no reason. Who came up with the idea burn books burn down the house who read them? When montage had kill captain Beatty when they was fighting over torch. Back then too many people are afraid of fighters for doing the job. "So many people are. Afraid of firemen. I mean but you're just a man after all..." He saying he doesn’t know why people scared when we just all human but do different jobs. Don't be afraid of men kind. So many people are afraid of firemen, I mean but you’re just a man after all. When currish was drug overdose over some drugs currish was during dope because she was struggling of getting with montage and she wanted to kill herself like montage wife did. When they took currish to the hospital for drugs overdose the doctor that she had couldn't do the surgery he had to, technology had to call in mechanic to help with the surgery and they did and they help. Why is it important because it dealing with some part of the society and we need to get along and help out each other because as one person we can’t do it as one human being we need to do as a group and don’t fight one another. Mr. Bradbury uses a lot of repetition in which at time I can’t understand or depict on what it’s trying to say. “Fool Montage, fool, fool, oh good you

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