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The 1993 movie directed by Kaige Chen, Farewell My Concubine, addresses the Chinese political issues during the war against Japan via interpersonal issues of an opera troupe of young male actors. The movie is as long as it is engaging. With two orphan boys who are raised to act in an Opera for their entire lives, dedication obtains a whole new meaning. Dieyi's training to act as a woman and to reflect femininity in his whole life increases the dissension that is observed within the film as well as its connections to the politics of China. The use of ghastly sound effects, close-up cinematographic techniques, and military involvement combine together in this movie to create a devastatingly dramatic experience.
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Although Mao may have agreed with this statement, he would not have accepted either occupation, and this is evident later in the movie. With such words like these in times of poverty and war, Douzi’s mother had to find a way out and is desperate enough to chop Douzi’s extra finger off after she blind-folds him.
Initially, Douzi’s does not react normally to his hand injury, but later releases his emotions. Before his finger is chopped, subliminal cues are used to imply what will happen. For example: A knife sharpener calls for people to bring him their knives right before the prostitute takes her son with her to the troupe master. Sound effects are also a part of these subliminal cues and the audience is informed of a possible outcome with the loud wind and screeching sound that occurs before the prostitutes meeting with the master.
Even though the young boys have to endure physical and emotional pain as members of the troupe, Shitou, who later takes the role of King in the Farewell My Concubine opera, is more enthusiastic than the other boys. When being punished by lashes to his buttocks, he tries to be cheerful. He is even punished for doing well. According to the teacher who punishes him in this manner, it is essential for him to remember this event to do just
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