Farewell To Arms Character Analysis

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- The general should be able to understand the enemy’s keen strategy, adjust his own actions accordingly, and apply the needed timely counter-measures. The skilled general is flexible and innovative, he alters and adapts his strategy, according to the needs of a changing environment, while recognizing that the concept of war possess too many uncertainties, multiple elements of surprise, wild cards and risks to consider and analyze. While the general is very flexible, he is very cautious and careful at the same time. “He is capable of keeping his officers and men in ignorance of his plans”, so no one has knowledge of what he is doing. (Chapter 11, P.137. 43, 45) He takes advantage of the enemy’s unpreparedness; attacks him when he does not expect it. (Chapter 4, P.89. 20) His actions are pursuing the indirect approach in strategy – avoiding the enemy’s strength and probing for weakness. "Anciently, the skillful warriors first made themselves invincible and awaited the enemy’s moment of vulnerability. Invincibility depends on one’s self; the enemy’s…show more content…
(Chapter 5, P.91.3) He has to create conditions enabling him to conquer the mind of the enemy, condemning him to a defeat. “That the army is certain to sustain the enemy’s attack without suffering defeat is due to operations of the extraordinary and normal forces” and “In battle, use the normal force to engage, but use extraordinary force to win.” (Chapter 5, P.91.3) Information and psychological operations are an integral part of modern warfare and a core instrument in implementing Ch’i force. It is a powerful political and diplomatic tool that equally works on strategic, operational and tactical levels. It doesn’t require an investment of big financial resources, is relatively humanistic and very
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