Farewell To Arms Essay

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Lt. Frederic Henry shows a wide range of emotions in “ Farewell to Arms”. At the beginning of the novel Henry shows zero emotion about the war and about life. He understates the importance of war and the people being killed. Henry’s emotions and feelings all change when he meets Catherine Barkley. Henry is an American in the Italian army. Henry used to be an Ambulance driver. Henry shows changes as his love for Catherine grows stronger. Henry loves Catherine so much that he deserted the army , and also left to Switzerland so they won’t be arrested. Catherine brought out emotions in Henry that hew never had. Catherine and Henry had a very loving relationship. In chapter…show more content…
Henry is heading towards the battlefront and he grabs some cheese so Passini and him could eat. When Henry gets to Passini the go to a dugout trench to sit in. Then Henry starts to see bright lights and he hears machine guns.Next, a trench mortar went off and it killed Passini and damaged Henry’s leg. “ My hand went in and my knee was down to my shin”(Hemingway 55) Henry’s leg was completely shattered and destroyed. Henry was willing to stay in battle and risk his life. Throughout he book Henry’s braveness changed to fear. In chapter 41 Henry’s love caused him to be fearful that Catherine might die in labor. Henry is at the hospital checking on Catherine.Catherine keeps on having complications during her surgery. When the baby is delivered Henry knows something is seriously wrong because the baby is dead.Then Catherine has a hemorrhage and Henry is very upset. “ Please,please,please dear God, don’t let her die.”(Hemingway 330) Catherine Barkley dies from her labor. Henry’s love for Catherine and care for her made him very fearful for the outcome of death. Henry showed love in his relationship with Catherine by deserting the war, Leaving for switzerland, and always staying by her side. Henry is very brave for serving in the Italian army as an American and willing to give his life. Henry’ love is what caused to be fearful for the death of Catherine. These three examples are reasons why Lt. Frederic Henry is Loving, brave, and
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