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Farewell to Manzanar Question Chapters 1-22 What did Papa do the night he heard the news? The night Papa heard the news he burned the flag from Hiroshima, papers, documents, and anything that would show a connection or relation with Japan. What happened to Papa two weeks later, and how did he react? Later on, papa was arrested by the FBI. He maintained his dignity and led the agents out of his house without causing any type of chaos or problems. Why did Mama break all of the plates? Mama has to sell her china because it is too big to fit in Woody’s car. When a secondhand dealer offers only fifteen dollars for the china, she feels offended and insulted, and she angrily smashes the entire set in front of him. What happened to the…show more content…
How did Papa answer the questions on the Loyalty Oath? Why did he answer that way? The one question asked if the signer was willing to serve in the United States Armed Forces on combat duty. The second question asked if the signer would swear unqualified allegiance to the United States of America, defend the country from attack, and forswore any allegiance to Japan. Papa answered yes to both questions. He did this because he thought he was too old to begin again in Japan and to keep the family together at Manzanar. If he had Answered no or another answer, he would have been sent to Japan or another camp. What does Jeanne say the camp became as the months turned into years? Explain what she meant by this. The camp became its own world. People seemed to forget the war and only think of the next task that had to be taken care of. They tried to create commonality and keep any anger under control. What was Papa’s reaction when Jeanne said she wanted to be baptized and confirmed Catholic? Why did he react that way? Did Jeanne follow through with her plan? Papa refused to give his permission and completely disliked the idea. He wanted Jeanne to marry a Japanese boy and said she would not be able to do that if she were Catholic, as there weren’t any Japanese that were catholic. Due to that, Jeanne did not get baptized or confirmed. Describe the first to Supreme

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