Fargo: A Deeper Look

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Discovering meaning in anything throughout one’s life is completely subjective to the individual. The same can be said about films. Not one person will be affected in the exact same way as another just by viewing the same film. The complexities of individuality create a bank of receptors to be reached by creative minds; at times they are successful and other times they are not. Films are filled with a variety of meanings that can easily conflict with one another. In 1996, Ethan and Joel Coen created the film “Fargo” which attempts to subtly replicate the complexities of human nature in small town Brainerd, Wisconsin. The Coen brothers created a film of seemingly predictable people struggling in their daily lives and showing how easily things can escalate into chaos. Recycling typical film themes the Coen brothers produced a 98-minute masterpiece filled with themes of greed, the perceptions of gender and relationships, and complex characters in their film “Fargo.” These elements were successful because of a well-written and relatable complex script that upon the first viewing appears superficial. Coupled with the use of specific camera techniques within the cinematography, dramatic irony, and the dark humor that emerges in the film. The combination of comedy and horror easily can confuse the viewer into wondering what is the meaning. Yet, after repeated and perceptive viewing one can begin to unravel and decode the meaning of Fargo for them. THE THEME OF GREED: Starting
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