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STRATEGIC MANAGEMENT CSEB3101 GROUP 1 WELLS FARGO CORPORATION PRESENTED BY : AMANINA BT MOHAMMAD ASRI NORASYIDAH BT RAMLI ZURHANIM BT AMER AZIDEN PRESENTED TO : DR. TEY LIAN SENG CEB 120002 CEB 120044 CEB 120070 INTRODUCTION • Wells Fargo is a stable and long term company providing financial products such as banking, mortgages, credit cards, insurance, and investment services to consumers and business client. • Wells Fargo has been in business since 1852. • Their first office opened in San Francisco during the gold rush. • The stage coach was used to transport gold and other valuables. • Wells Fargo helped establish the Great Overland Mail service continuing to use the stagecoach but also adding steam ship, rail road, pony rider, and…show more content…
As of 2008 it was the third largest bank holding company in the US by assets. Strategies • Enhance its position as a leading global bank for both institutions and individuals, by building on its unique global network, deep emerging markets expertise, client relationships and product expertise. • Position Citi to seize the opportunities provided by current trends (globalization, digitization and urbanization) for the benefit of clients • Further its commitment to responsible finance • Strengthen Citi’s performance-including gaining market share with clients, making Citi more efficient and productive, and building upon its history of innovation FIRM’S MAJOR STRENGTHS AND WEAKNESSES STRENGTHS • Wide distribution network Wells Fargo doesn't just deal with one type of business or country. They specialize in mortgage, retirement, banking, investments, and lines of credit in not just America, but other countries as well. Different countries or locations around the world have different characteristics. Those characteristics do not always match, therefore, a company can lower their risk by investing in part of the world with low correlations. The lower the risk, the better. • Diversified earnings distribution across segments Diversified earnings create equal distribution of the wealth earned by Wells Fargo, allowing for increased internal profit and income. • The biggest US home lender Well Fargo recently
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