Fargo Monologue

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I'm going over to Tyler's house today. For the secound time, and this time Matteo will be there, well I think so. He does have a boyfriend, plus it's just a stupid little crush. If you don't know already, then let me tell you. Tyler is my best friend but we haven't been freinds for a long time but our bond is stong. Matteo is Tyler's brother, gay brother to be exact. Im not very sure if my sexuxaity, for right now i think i am bisexual. Tyler asked me if it's fine if Matteo hangs out with us. In my mind, i was like oh god yes! But of course i didnt say that out loud. "Yeah, that's fine." I played it off cool even though i was literely freaking out in my mind that we're going to hang out. Later that day we went to the park and Matteo rode his skateboard, Tyler rode a slow scooter and I rode a bike. I was speeding up and then slowing down since i could go faster than them. We finally got to the skate park.…show more content…
"Yeah, sure. Do you even know how to ride?" Matteo chuckled, knowing that i had no clue. "Yeah, of course i do." I got on the skateboard and started to go up a ramp and fell. Tyler just started to laugh while Matteo helped me up and make sure I was okay. We kept hanging out that night until we got called so we go back to Tyler's and Matteo's house to eat. We headed back to their house, this time I was on the slow ass
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