Farm Girl Essay

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Christina Anderson
Mr. Kingsley
1 February 2012
Life Lessons from the Farm
Jessica Hemauer’s essay, “Farm Girl,” tells her life story of living on a farm through her eyes as ten-year-old child to the time of her early adulthood. The purpose of this piece is to teach the importance of life's responsibilities to children, mainly female, and young adults who may not be familiar with the challenges life can bring and to promote the benefits you can gain by overcoming those obstacles. Hemauer uses pathos, which appeals to emotion, logos, designed to engage our logic, and ethos, to prove its credibility, to convey that though growing up on a family farm was a struggle day-to-day, it was valuable life lesson because it shaped her into
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The language that Hemauer uses in this citation, specifically, “bitter,” “icy,” and “needles digging into,” evokes complete sympathy for this young girl. It also affects the audience with a twinge of pain due to the imagery describing the bitter cold and the fact that she must endure it.
Jessica Hemauer is able to appeal to both pathos and logos in her writing as well. This is shown after the children reach the barn and begin to work on their chores. Jessica’s job is to feed the newborn calves, she indicates, “Because I am the youngest in the family, this is my favorite chore because I rarely have a chance to look after someone…”(84). The sense of pathos is obtained in this quotation because Hemauer uses certain words, such as, “favorite chore” and “rarely” to attain sympathy from the reader, by portraying that she was deprived and that she seeked enjoyment from her “favorite chore.” For a child or young adult who does not have day to day responsibilities, such as chores, they would view this with a sense of gratitude for the lifestyle that they have. This statement also gives a sense of logos because it is a cause and effect situation. Hemauer states that because she is the youngest, she rarely has the chance to look after others. This would make sense to Hemauer audience do to their age demographic. The young readers could view themselves in a similar situation by not be
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