Farm Manager Assessment

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As farm manager you have a wide variety of roles that take play on a day to day basis. You spend your days directing the chores for the day and making sure that all jobs that needed to be done for the day get done. Being a farm manager comes with a lot of ups and plenty of downs to share. First off you are held to a higher standard than most which comes with more authority. This job compares to most other managing jobs when it comes to being the most responsible. Everyone else's jobs on the farm are your responsibility. When your workers are doing a good job then your days usually run as smooth as possible, but if you hit a few bumps in the road it can really be a setback for your daily schedule. As farm manager it is your job to keep these…show more content…
This may include long hours of research, phone calls, scheduling etc. The farm manager position is one that must be filled by a determined person who really has a desire to get the best out of what they do and providing their best work for the task at hand. When taking my NCC assessment I noticed that a lot of my viewpoints on their questions were very similar to the requirements for this job. I believe it is crucial to have passion in what you do and the NCC assessment really helped me prove that to myself. Having a true desire for this position is very important when wanting to enjoy your job and be…show more content…
One of them may be location. For me job opportunities for my career are endless where I live considering I am surrounded by cornfields, which will be very helpful in the future. Another factor is your salary. The average salary for a farm manager in the U.S. is around $66,800. This is definitely in my price range as far as the needs I will have when i'm older. Another thing you may want to look into is education. The amount of education required for this job usually takes around 2-4 years. Fortunately Enough for me my local college has an amazing ag program so it will be something for me to look into. Scc’s ag program involves a lot of hands on learning. Your days are spent doing about 30% bookwork and the other 70% hands
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