Farmer, Shipbuilder, And Soldier

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Farmer, Shipbuilder, and Soldier The build up of the armed services and the migration of workers to industrial centers such as Portland created severe farm labor shortages. In 1944, back in Bradley, South Dakota, Audrey Grigg’s uncle and aunt, Robert and Bessie Brown couldn’t find anyone to work their farmland. Ever since Bessie inherited the land from her parents, tenant farmers kept it productive. Although Robert grew up on a farm, he never farmed as an adult. Shortly after serving in World War I, he and his brother, Harry, acquired a Ford dealership in Bradley, which they operated throughout the 1920s, 30s, and into the 40s as part-owners. With no other solution evident for Bessie’s farm to remain under cultivation, Robert approached his brother, Harry, with a proposition to sell to him his share of the automobile dealership. The result of such a transaction would free Robert up to run the farm himself. The brothers, however, couldn’t agree on the sale price. After unsuccessfully negotiating favorable terms, an exasperated Harry told his brother that he needed to either buy or sell with the little over one thousand dollars in the company’s bank account. Robert agreed to these conditions and in a meeting at the bank to conclude the business deal, Robert shocked Harry by buying, instead of selling, the dealership. When Robert bought out his brother, he became sole owner of the Ford franchise. However, the acquisition didn’t resolve the original problem of
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