Farmer's Of Cattle Farm

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Farmer E raises only 20 head of cattle making them the smallest farmer interviewed and the least amount of time raising beef at only eight years. The cattle are also mostly grass fed like the other farmers but they receive less than market price because of the breed of cattle raised not being in high demand at market. Farmers usually receive approximately $1.50 per pound but he gets about $1 per pound instead. When asked if they would ever think to process and sell their meat they mentioned they had previously considered it but saw other locals and fail. This dissuaded the farmer from trying to sell his own beef although he has taken beef management classes to do so. The risk was too high for Farmer E once seeing the failure and decided to stay with calf-cow farming to not have to add new costs with what they thought would be little return. Farmer F Farmer F was the last calf-cow farmer interviewed who raises approximately 110 head of cattle. This farmer expects only about 80-85 cents per pound for cow and $1.20 per calf. The cattle raised on this farm are mostly grass fed that is supplemented with grain when needed. The farmer has been raising cattle since they were a kid 20-30 years at the farm. This farmer sells many vegetables at the farmers market but currently only sells her beef at auction. They are working on getting into finishing and processing meat to sell and would bring the beef to market but would only want to bring what is already guaranteed to sell unlike
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