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Farmers Union Iced Coffee was launched in 1977 by a group of dairy farmers who were creating a new recipe for the Royal Adelaide show. The milk beverage is Australia’s largest selling flavored milk and each year Australians consume in excess of 27 million litres of the beverage each year.

There are a few ideas and issues that are raised in the text that I can point out. I think that the idea of having an ad about the worlds history and issues while showing normal every day Australians playing out the roles and then able to hide the real message is a sensational advertisement.

The general idea in any advertisement is to try and increase the sale and popularity of a product. I have probably seen the Farmers Union ad a thousand
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The Alternative reading would be getting the ad for its real backgrounds meanings which are disguised through normal looking people, but representing world wide issues. Someone would have to be pretty switched on throughout the adverts between their programs to pick it up. I do not think someone could have figured out each event the first time they saw the ad, it would probably take someone a few times to see the ad then work it all out.

The use of intertextuality in the advertisement of Farmers Union shows Australian tradesmen and hardworking sweaty men drinking it while they are working. It would give the message that this sort of beverage is for big, strong and tough men and is not for the light hearted. It also shows that if you are in a bad situation, the best Iced Coffee in Australia will get you through it and it already has through some of the good and bad times shown throughout the

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