Farmers Use Water For Drought Stricken California

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Develop Your Argument Worksheet Introduction What is your topic or issue? Farmers use of water in drought stricken California Who is your audience? The people living in urban areas of California Why should your audience care about your topic? Is there some common ground in this topic which all parties agree is important? All groups agree that there is a need for food, but the people of California do not want the farmers to continue to receive unrestricted amounts of water. They should care about this topic because they buy their food from the farmers that they want to restrict when it comes to the use of water. What is your position, and what reasons will you give to support your position? Position: Farmers should be allowed to continue using the amount of water regulated by the government as an appropriate amount of water to use under drought conditions. Without enough water farmers would not be able to carry out their duties of providing food for the country and protecting the environment. Reasons to support my position: Farmers grow the food that feeds the people of California and many other states. They do not use large amounts of water to fulfill personal needs. Instead they use the water to grow food that is shared with many other people. Farmers care about the environment in which they make their living. With a poor environment, farmers would have a more difficult time growing food and keeping their job. They also think about the species that might be in
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