Farming Is An Extreme Hot Environment

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Farming is number one source where people get their food. Most people do not see farming is a dig deal but it is. People that live in the big cities rely on farming for the foods they getting. Farming require a high amount of water for the crops and animals. California, most farms are located at the Central Valley. It is an extreme hot environment; therefore, it’s needed much more water than any other places around the country. Farming require a lot of hard work, but it is very profitable business. Although faming help improve California economy, but some crops should not be growth in California because its needs much more water than other. California has been known for drought because most of California landscapes are deserts.…show more content…
In order for the rice to growth, the rice fields need to be flooded, which mean it need water all the time. According to Richard Plant, a agriculture engineer at University of California Davis, he claim that in 2004 the water use for rice faming require “ 150,000 ha-m of irrigation input” for each field (Richard 465). The measurement for water he uses is in hectare meter, and one hectare meter of water is about two and a half million galloons of water. The amount of water require for rice farming is ten times more than any other crops are grown in the state (Richard 473). California is a sunny state, which mean most of the water in the rice field will be lost to evaporation. In Richard research, he found out in “2004 approximate 45,000 ha-m of water left the system through evapotranspiration” (Richard 468). There is very little regulation on how the water is transported to the field. Due to that the lack of regulation, there is approximate “ of water run off average was 30 ha-m” each year (Richard 470). Rice farming is an inefficient use of water in California. Average a family California uses about two hundred galloons of water each day. The amount of water run off in one rice field alone is about one hundred thousand more than one family uses (Yuknis 570). California should not allow rice framing because of the inefficient of water usage. If there is no rice faming in California, than a lot of water will be save. Combine
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