Farming Methods And Food Crisis Essay

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Farming methods and food Crisis The ongoing worldwide food crisis results from a dysfunctional food system and farming methods. The world’s population is growing at a very high rate and this calls for better farming methods in order to have enough food to feed the growing population. There are approximately five farming methods that are used in the world today; organic farming, factory farming, traditional farming, village farming, and vertical farming (Ruthenberg, MacArthur, Zandstra, and Collinson, 1980). Each region uses a different type of farming method that suits their climate, and a method that can meet their population’s food demands. Farming methods are needed in order to meet the world’s future food demands, farming methods negatively affects the environment for instance, through pollution; water and air pollution (Guerci, et al 2013). In order to stop these negative influences farming methods bring on the environment, farmers should innovate new methods of farming that are environmental friendly, for instance; community garden, village farming, and vertical farming.Africa and India have vast regions for farming and the two countries have different farming methods. In India, there are two main methods of farming used which are; organic farming, and factory farming. However, organic farming is the most popular method of farming used in India. Organic farming is a type of agriculture whereby different techniques are used; these techniques are; green manure, crop
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