Farmington High School Student's Negative Cell Phone Use Essay

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When was the last time you saw a teenager without their cell phone? They may forget their lunch money or their homework, but they don't leave home without their phones. Farmington High School students are no different than teens at other schools. For many Farmington students their cell phone use can have a negative impact on their school work. Studies have shown that students may be paying more attention to their phones than they are to their class work. Often during class, a student will be texting a friend with some unimportant message instead of paying attention to the teacher. They may look like they are quietly listening to the instructor , but under the edge of the desk, the hem of a jacket, or a stack of papers their fingers may…show more content…
Of course this is not allowed, so the student loses even more of their concentration as they worry about how to hide the phone while texting. The inappropriate phone use does not stop in the classroom. Cell phone use can cause accidents and affect students both physically and mentally. Students have tripped on objects, crashed into others, and walked into walls while hurrying to class because they are using their phone. According to PBS program "This Emotional Life" four out of five teens sleep with their cell phones at night. They seem to feel they must be on call 24 hours a day. Interrupted and lack of sleep can affect both concentration, memory and mood. Even the student's homework suffers from constant interruptions. No matter how important the work is, the calls come first. Many people will argue that the cell phone is one of our greatest modern inventions. It can save lives in an emergency. Children are taught at an early age to call 911 if they need help. "CNN iReport" points out that many kids take medications or have allergies and a phone could be a safety issue. Parents and children are able to contact each other at any time of the day and it makes both feel safer. It allows people to stay in close touch with their family and friends. Also, some of these devices are like hand held computers. They enable
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