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Farmingville Case Study PT 1 1. Alien in one definition is: “Too different from something to be acceptable or suitable,” and Illegal in one definition is “Not allowed by the law.” (Mirriam-Webster Dictionary) The words ‘Alien’ and ‘Illegal’ have inherent negative connotations. A person does not need to know the intimate or factual circumstances associated with those words to understand their symbolism. When those words are used to label the social group of undocumented Latino day laborers the inherent reaction is to see them in a negative way. The individuals become a stigmatized group. The people against undocumented immigrants in Farmingville saw the Latinos through the lens of the stigmatized group “illegal aliens.” They thus became…show more content…
The people from the baby boomer generation are all nearing, if not already in, retirement and old age. Over the next 20 years the amount of elderly people of retirement age is supposed to increase somewhere around 50%. Because of this imbalance there will be a lot of money being directed toward taking care of the baby boomer generation which may lead to decreased funding for younger generations. The baby boomers will all retire around the same time, leaving jobs unfilled. There may also be troubles in the housing market as there may not be enough young people to buy all the houses they sell. The number of immigrants in America are increasing and replacing the baby boomers in being the dominating group in our population. 6. Immigrants are the inevitable solution because they will pick up the economic slack that will be left after the baby boomers retire. I don’t think that they are the best solution, ideally our native born citizens would be able to maintain our economy, but that’s not realistic. Better to have immigrants contributing and helping the economy than sink into a depression. 7. Browning is the phenomena of the huge increase of Latino immigrants. The amount of Latino immigrants are outnumbering the amount of white and black people. In Farmingville there were so many immigrants they were living 10-20 to a house, could be seen on street corners waiting for work and loitering at places like 7/11. In short

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