Farrah: Basic Sight Words

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Farrah has able to identify 186/220, or 85%, of basic sight words and 103/143, or 72%, of basic sight word phrases. Continually, Farrah attended to initial consonants making visually similar miscues, such as “one” for “on,” “gave” for “give,” and “these” for “those.” In addition, Farrah consistently substituted short vowel sounds for long vowel sounds, such as “cam” for “came,” “want” for “wait,” and “bring” for “bright.” . Farrah made similar miscues during the basic sight word phrase assessment, such as “can” for “came,” “use” for “us” and “cute” for “cut.” Both the reliance on initial consonants and the inconsistency of middle vowel sounds suggest that Farrah is unfamiliar with long vowel patterns

During intervention, sight words will
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