Fascinated by the Poetry of his Mother, Oscar Wilde became a Successful Author

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The poetry that was written by his mother, which portrayed Irish nationalism, fascinated Wilde and his mother’s poetry was one of the main factors that inspired Wilde to become a well-known author. Wilde was home-schooled and had a German and French instructor that helped Wilde learn the two languages. Wilde was transferred to a regular school, Portora Royal School, at age nine. Wilde’s sister suffered from meningitis and later on died. In honor of Isola’s death (Wilde’s sister), Wilde wrote a poem which was one of the first pieces Wilde had written. After graduating high school with academically great grades, Wilde received a scholarship for Trinity College and from that point on, Wilde was awarded with various outstanding awards and received numerous scholarships. Oxford was where Wilde’s first creative piece was written and had won for best English verse, which an incredible achievement for an undergraduate. Upon graduating from Oxford, Wilde made his way to London, where Wilde’s first collection of poems were published and inaugurated Wilde as a new poet to the public. Later on, Wilde started giving countless lectures in only a few months after moving to New York. Wilde met up with many intellectual people while not lecturing; one of Wilde’s favorites was Whitman.
Wilde continued lecturing throughout England and Ireland after returning home; his lectures showing the…

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