Fascinating Ancient Greece

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Ancient Greece was a fascinating civilization, it was made of city-states. Greece was interesting to me because there were farmers who had to take care of the animals and the warriors in Greece defeated Egypt’s warriors. I will tell you the important facts about Greece, these five themes of geography location are: place, movement, human-environment interactions, and region. To me, Ancient Greece is interesting civilization, because they had a great god named Demeter and his daughter are Cronus, Rhea. Most people invented his statue. In Greece they had warriors and the warriors have to fight, and they have to be trained before they fight. Greece longitude is 31° 00° N and the latitude is 22.0000° E.The Neighboring to country are Bulgaria, and Albania.The Hemisphere is located in the Eastern and Northern Hemisphere. Greece is located on the continent of European and it is colst to southern European. Greece is a country located in Southern Europe, its mainland located at the southern end of the Balkan Peninsula. The size in Ancient Greece is 50,942 sq miles Ancient Greece shape is a Alligator. The Physical Feature in Ancient Greece is, it has high hill and big mountains also they have river and wetlands, lakes. The Climate is often of the Mediterranean climate: mild and rainy winters, almost warm and dry summers and, generally, long periods of sunshine throughout most of the year. The religions of Greece is 90% Greek Orthodox, Muslim, Jewish. New Greek culture and

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