Fascism During The 1930 ' S

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During the 1930’s when Fascism was at it height, populist art fought against the domination of fascism by diverting the fashionable ideals of fascism with the ideas of populism. The US was producing popular art in its populous country to share the rest of the world as an attempt to ward off the Fascists. They decided to distract everybody from Fascism by art, film, dance, etc. that appealed to the similar but different enough ideals of populism and democracy.
At this time american democratic society was becoming a more populist place while much of europe was under fascist rule. And as fascism was not working out all that well the american people did not want it to spread. While fascism and populism hold some similarities they are different
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Popular/ populist art is distinct from pop art, as pop art is art of pop culture (the popular, favorite or most well known culture of the day). Populist art was art that was meant not to appear to the most fashionable but to the common people, the everyday folks. Populist are also was a way to bring art forms that were traditionally reserved or expected of the upper class down to a level where anyone could access them and enjoy them. Practices of classical music or high fine art where made more accessible. The appeal to the common man and the idealization of the common man where ideals that deeply appealed to the culture of the day. Both fascism and populism where ‘people’s party’ in concept. Fascism wanted to flatten societal levels to bring everyone to the same place of rule under the government. Populism wanted to appeal specifically to the common folk to bring them up out of being left in the dust of the higher classes. Mass society was a function of this idea of culture as it brings with it social levelers, that put everyone on the same page socially even just while they participate in that specific part of society. For example, subways are a social leveler by bringing all the different people who need to travel into one place where there is effectively to ranking.
Popular culture is a little bit different from mass culture in that popular culture celebrates the common man, and mass culture wants to
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