Fascist Ideology

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Fascist ideology was defeated after World War II. Denazification showed Germans, fascism, and racial superiority could not take on the democratic ideology. In the case of Italy, it lost before the war was finished since most of the fascist Italians turned on the government and joined the invading U.S. forces and others. The ideology of Fascism believed in a nation of superiority. In terms, the nation is referred by a group of people who are put together by race, ethnicity, or culture. Mussolini (1932) rejected anyone who was outside of the state. During the Depression, Fascism brought a sound economy to Italy, but in return lose some freedoms. The Fascist party lost popularity when they took sides with the Germans. The Germans slowly started…show more content…
Capitalism took a hit on the fascist ideology. Mussolini attempted to alter the country's economy to work within his fascist ideology. This was his major failure. With fascist government eliminating the ability of business to make independent decisions. The government controlled prices and wages. Milton and Rose Friedman (1980, 218-222) believed that we should stop working to pay the government and work to fulfill own need and desires. As World War II approached, the signs of fascism's failure in Italy were obvious. Production costs were uncompetitive and labor was low. The fault lay in the shift of economic decision-making from entrepreneurs to government bureaucrats. And by ruling rather than by free market resources were hard to come by. Cohen (1995, 222-223) claims with the lack of freedom that the left wing has they confuse it with resources. Fascism creates the condition for its own defeat by suppressing the creativity of the people, and replacing it with inefficient and corrupt bureaucratic
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