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Growing up I always remember loving fashion, really anything that had to do with style and beauty. My love for Fashion, first started by observing fashion shows and being captivated with the ladies long gowns and the vibrant colors of their dresses. This progressed to me spending hours styling my barbie dolls and putting on fashion shows with the looks I had created. These early experiences were only the beginning, this left a lasting impression on what I wanted for my future, to be in the Fashion industry and the steps I needed to pursue fashion all through my academic journey.

Starting, as far back as elementary school, my favorite classes a were Art, and this continued until high school.Once I started high school I was able to explore more into fashion. I
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I was chosen to spend the day with the marketing department, I learned a great deal and this really changed my outlook for my career path at the time.

After graduating high school, I started off at Austin Community College, taking Fashion and Marketing classes. At the time I found myself drawn to more of the business and marketing classes and I had started working at Ashley furniture Homestore and was really able to use my classes throughout my job being a manager and working for the accounting department. While my first time attending ACC the classes were becoming harder to fill and the dean would tell me to take other classes instead, I became frustrated with the process and just decided to graduate ACC with my certification in Marketing and the same time found myself very unhappy with my job and left to work at Icing by Claire's, my goal was to return to ACC finish my degree. This didn't happen at the time, I became very ill and was soon diagnosed with rheumatoid arthritis. At the time this made a huge impact on my life. I had to slow down and really focus on my health and my job responsibilities I still wanted to work and continue to live my
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