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Fashion Observation Analysis 1. Go to a public place and OBSERVE the community of people in that place for at least 30 minutes; perhaps as long as 60 minutes. In your report, describe the setting and note the date and time of your observation. Describe the element of “community” that you observed. The public place, in which I chose to observe fashion, was a community fall festival. This festival occurs once a year and brings people from several communities. I arrived at the festival in early afternoon, around 12:30 pm. The festival was just starting to get crowded. At this time there were mostly families with children present. I observed numerous families with babies in strollers. There were at least twenty “vendor” booths…show more content…
The women were dressed casually and many of them were wearing knee high boots over their jeans, which is a popular fashion right now with women from teens to middle age. The men were dressed in jeans, tennis shoes, and t-shirts depicting their favorite sports team. Based on the name brands and style of clothing that I was viewing, I would say that the majority of the people present at this festival were members of the middle to upper middle socioeconomic class. Moving on a little further with that analysis, I would also say that many of the patrons were also college educated. I draw this conclusion from the fact that they appear to be well dressed and wearing name brand clothing. Name brand clothing is not inexpensive and would normally be purchased by someone who makes a good wage. In the current economic time, in which we live, it almost impossible to achieve a good wage without a college education. B. The folkways, customs, mores, and laws that you observed in the community member behaviors and interactions. Our current lesson tells us that folkways are expected behaviors and/or attire but that they are not usually required of the individuals/community at question. Some of the folkways that I observed were that the men and women were dressed appropriately for their age, gender, and the weather. In addition to this, babies were dressed appropriately for their gender
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