Fashion As A Form Of Agency Or Structure?

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Fashion is a form of expression and with its ever changing ideas and trends it explores and creates an array of identities. As Bennett, A. (2005) states “Fashion…provides individuals with a key means through which to manage their identities in the context of everyday life”. I wish to explore how fashion has developed to which identities can be created by oneself and what is around in everyday life and culture that may influence choice in dress. Is fashion a form of agency or structure? I will continue these ideas around gender and in particular fashion photography and how in which gender is represented within the popular mainstream media. Looking at if fashion photography plays a role in challenging gender roles, and therefore creating new ideologies of identity. Or, does fashion photography intertwine with the rest of media in its representation and stereotyping of both genders? Helmut Newton will be used as a case study and the interpretation of his work. This study will also look at the theory behind androgyny and continuing by also looking at dandyism and if these concepts are being constantly played with in the fashion media. During our life we construct many different identities of who we want to portray ourselves as to the rest of society; fashion plays a vital role in generating who we are. With the ideas from Storry and Childs they state that “the way that we dress can either serve to confirm or to subvert various facets of our identities, such as our gender,
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