Fashion Bloggers And The Fashion Industry

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Abstract Fashion bloggers have played a more and more significant role in fashion industry as the development of social media. Fashion bloggers, as representatives of fashion consumers, cannot only write about fashion, but can also participate by offering feedback and comments, enabling potential improvement of product designs. Despite the fact that social media offers an effective platform for two-way communication, many fashion houses have not embraced this concept in their business yet. Thus, this dissertation explores the beauty of fashion blogging in an attempt to answer the question how the fashion bloggers have influenced the fashion market through social media. Fashion bloggers employ a variety of platforms such as Instagram, designers post commercials, and videos to emerge as the voice for different brands or fashion items, interpreting fashion from their point of view. Further study seeks to analyse the reason as well as methods for extensive influences of fashion bloggers in the fashion industry. In addition, the research focuses on the present landscape of fashion bloggers to deliberate how the growth of the social media has given rise to new internet celebrities with regards to the fashion industry. In order to perceive the significance of fashion bloggers within fashion industry, Interpretivisim is adopted in this research due to complex and distinctive situations. Also, inductive approaches are used to derive a generalized theory from specific observations,
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