Fashion Blogging is Big Business

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Fashion bloggers can earn to hundreds of thousands of dollars per year. And the bulk of the money isn't necessarily coming from brands paying for ads on their sites; it comes from brands paying the bloggers to endorse their products in various ways. (The Women's Wear Daily, fashion industry trade paper) A clothing label might hire a fashion blogger to style a runway show and tweet and blog about the project; or to serve as a model in their ad campaigns and post the images on their blog; or to simply endorse a product the way a celebrity would, by tweeting about it or posting about it on their site. For such endorsements, brands might pay bloggers different amounts of money. While many experts say the value of the return on that investment is unclear, some bloggers do have the power to cause an item to sell out by simply tweeting a link to where followers can buy it. (Buzzfeed Shift, 2012.) So…our conclusion is that fashion bloggers have the power (in some case more, in others less) for influencing the fashion environment. As we have said, a blog is a kind of social media, so there are lots of messages going around the blogs and on consequence around the world. The main activity of bloggers is to tell the readers what they like, what their opinion about a product is, why they like it, or why they don’t like it. This is the influence. They add “personal and human style” to the brands and products they are posting about. This “personal and human style” cannot be reached by
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