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Dana Wheeler, Senior Vice President of marketing for the Fashion Channel is reviewing a new marketing segmentation and positioning strategy. The Fashion Channel Company needs to strengthen its competitive position and is willing to spend an estimated $60 Million on advertising, promotion, and public relations in 2007. TFC’s main focus has been solely on fashion which is broadcast all hours of the day 7 days a week. This channel reaches close to 80 million viewers in US households with their main demographic being women between 35 and 54 years of age. By 2006 after 10 years on the air TFC feared that a change needed to be made with the growing number of competing networks. To face this challenge TFC’s plan was to drop the unit price of…show more content…
Many on staff at TFC have a mentality of “why fix something that isn’t broken”. However if competing networks continue to launch fashion-based shows, TFC could possibly have to reduce their ad spots by 10% to attract more advertisers. They have to offer what the competitor can’t. There is also some worry that by changing the positioning strategy TFC will alienate or lose its original audience. Looking at the consumer and market data for TFC I feel there is a lot of good information that can be analyzed from the data collected. I feel that Exhibit 1 focusing on viewer demographics and competitor comparison should have a more specific break down with males and females in certain age groups. This exhibit shows that 61% of females watch TFC compared to 39% of males. The Lifetime network showing fashion today had close to the same percentages but CNN had a more even demographic spread on viewers with 45% males and 55% females. This might be due to the fact that CNN’s focus is not solely fashion and has a lot of dedicated male views with other programs they offer. I would think that males would be more likely to watch a fashion show on CNN where they are familiar with the channel than a fashion based channel that only caters to fashion programs. The break down of males to females that watch TV shows only a 2% difference indicating that this data should be pretty accurate when broke down by demographic

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