Fashion Channel Case Solution

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Answer 1.
SWOT analysis of The Fashion Channel

The Fashion Channel (TFC) is a 24*7 cable TV network which is exclusively dedicated to fashion. It was found in 1996 and since then it has been witnessing continuous upswing. According to an annual demographic survey, TFC is having approximately 110 million subscribers of cable & satellite television. But, due to increasing competition with other fashion channels, it is in the need for developing a modern and updated brand strategy.

SWOT analysis covers the strengths, weaknesses, opportunities & threats which a company is facing in its internal & external environment. Strengths & weaknesses fall under the internal environment of the company and opportunities & threats fall under the
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Improved Advertising: The Fashion Channel (TFC) should concentrate more on improving its advertising strategy. This would be more beneficial for TFC, if it focus on targeting the viewers of certain age groups. For example, the advertisers are ready to pay premium CPM for the target group of 18-34. Focusing of such groups, TFC can substantially grow its advertising revenues (Stahl, 2007).

Increasing Competition: Today, The Fashion Channel (TFC) is facing a heavy competition with a broad range of other cable networks of fashion channels. These fashion networks may capture some of its market share. Along with this, the strong fashion programming blocks on other channels such as CNN & Lifetime are also presenting a double-edged competitive challenge

The company can not sustain in the competitive environment without undergoing change in its strategy. Therefore, company has to rebuild its strategy around the profitable consumer segment. The company is required to make marketing initiatives concerning the interest, awareness and perceived value of the consumer. Thus, identifying the consumer groups of high worth can bring huge profits and revenue for TFC (Stahl, 2007).

Answer 2.
Dana's point of focus

Interpretation of Consumer and market data provides vital information concerning the likelihood and weak point of the company product. Therefore, while reviewing the data Dana should focus on the key factors
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