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1. How would you interpret the consumer and market data if you were Dana Wheeler? Dana Wheeler, the senior vice president for the Fashion Channel (TFC), faces the marketing challenges. She was chosen to develop the new strategy and identify customer needs that TFC wants to target. TFC is a very stable company in growth and revenue; it focuses specifically on fashion and has a few competitors such as CNN and Lifetime, which are threatening the market share. 2. What is the expected outcome of each of the targeting scenarios? (Complete both the Ad 
Revenue and financial calculators to fully understand the financial impact of the scenarios). The Ad Revenue Calculator shows that the third scenario has the highest revenue per…show more content…
Ratings for this scenario could increase because the audience is not too specific. And it has the highest growth in revenue. However, it needs to spend additional 20 million on both segments. 4. If you were Dana Wheeler, what would you recommend and why? To make a better decision we need to evaluate all three scenarios. After analyzing the market and financial information and considering all pros and cons, we can see different possibilities of these three scenarios. The Fashion Channel should choose third alternative scenario toward the Fashionistas and the Planners & Shoppers. Scenario three would the best option, it demonstrates the highest profit margin and net income. TFC has already focused on both: fashionistas and planners & shoppers, it just needs to choose the specific group to target. Therefore, focusing on specific marketing segment will increase customer awareness and will help to compete with CNN and Lifetime companies. 5. Dana is filling the role of change agent in this organization. How should she manage the discussion and meeting to be most effective in leading the group to make the right decision? Dana should understand that she needs the support from employees that is why she needs to convince them. After presenting three scenarios and analyzing them, Dana needs to choose the most effective scenario for the company. She should also organize several teams that can work on the different type of problem. If

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