Fashion Defines Individual Identity, Image, Shoes, And Accessories

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Streets are the Real Runways
The customer grasps the cold, brass doorknob, with a jerk, swings open the door, and walks inside. Behind her, the bell, tied to the knob, rings and the cashier from the counter yells his greetings, as he does for every customer. The customer continues walking, passing shelf after shelf full of tops, blouses, and jackets—all banal and redundant. Nevertheless, the customer finally stops and finds just what she was looking for: a bright blue top, that will make her eyes pop for tonight’s dinner date. She will feel confident and beautiful tonight because of that blue blouse. A new top or a new trend, society craves for fashionable outfits, shoes, and accessories. Fashion defines individual identity, impacts perceptions, and portrays a symbolic meaning.
Fashion helps the individual grow and change one’s emotional and physical identities. The clothes one wears daily define how the individual feels and reflects one’s attitudes and moods. For example, if an individual is lethargic, one may be seen in sweatpants; if one is feeling powerful, the individual may be seen in a suit. The phrase “fashion choice” does not just include the articles of clothing that one chooses to put on; it also implies the identity the individual chooses to represent for the day. Many say attitude is everything, but fashion is everything, because for many, clothing can determine the animated attitude the individual chooses to display or not display for the day.…
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