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fashion designers to increase their profits. This study is also to help customers have a stress-free shopping experience.
Limitations of the study
This study is limited to only the customers of Company A in West Virginia.
Anthropometry: refers to the measurement of the human individual.
Fit: The way a garment lies on the individual’s body.
Fit preference: The way individuals prefer apparel to lay on their body such as: tight, loose, or semi-loose.
Style preferences: Design details an individual desire in their apparel.

Review of Literature
The purpose of this study is to identify and quantify the reasons clothes produced massively are returned and determine possible ways, including 3D body scanning, that can be used to eliminate the return of these clothes for alterations. This study will help fashion designers to improve their fashion skills and reduce the rate of loss because some clothes returned may not be saleable. This will also help to increase the profit on clothes sold. On the side of customers, this study will help to bring satisfaction to customers for the clothes purchased and reduce the stress (return in store or post) gone through while buying clothes.
The review of literature provides background for these variables by exploring the following topics: mass customization, body scanning technology, precision, accuracy and interobserver error, body shape, age, fit, fit problems, fit preferences, and clothing benefits sought.
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