Fashion Designing and the Global Fashion Industry

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Fashion Designing Until the mid 19th century, most of the clothing at men and women wore was custom made. There were present dress makers and tailors who stitched clothing and sold it to individual. With the advent of technologies like the sewing machine, global capitalism grew and the fashion industry spread throughout the world. Starting initially from America and Europe, the fashion industry quickly spread throughout the world. With the globalization of fashion, different ideas and trends are accessible to people all over the world. Apart from allowing better trends to settler, a global fashion industry paves way for the production of more jobs and flow of cash in the developing countries. Due to this industry being globalized, it is possible that an American company can attain fabric from China, get them manufactured in Vietnam, completed in Italy for instance and then delivered back to the United States for sale. Apart from flow of revenue, it is paved way for countries to enhance their trade and thus make profit from this industry. Where the Fashion Industry goes on to promote Fashion as a means of globalization and an industry without regulation, racism is quite prevalent in the industry as well. Different genders and races have been targeted either it is through modeling or through the production of different brands. Even after years of struggles to end discrimination against African Americans many African American still feel as if they are being victimized in

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