Fashion Ethics, Ethics And Ethical Issues In Fashion

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Ethical fashion is the production of textile item with a moral sense. It can also be defined as an umbrella term to describe fashion ethics in designing, purchasing and buying of clothes. With the main concept of gaining social responsibility in terms of working condition, exploitation, fair trade, sustainable production, environment and animal welfare. Corporate all over the world are recognizing the importance and need of environment protection and ethical business. Fashion houses are no exception. More and more of fashion designer and other textile producers are striving to produce goods which do not cause harm to the environment and are not malice. Ethical issues in fashion are thus originating.
The concept of ethical fashion is old; however, it’s gaining more and more popularity in modern times. The awareness for environment conservation and to avoid cruelty to animals in business is rising; fashion brands are increasingly adopting fashion ethics. The customers are also becoming more and more aware of the ethical fashion which has increase the demand for ethically produced
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The health of the workers spraying pesticides in cotton fields and its inhabitants are badly affected. There by causing symptoms like headache, nausea, tremors, depression, seizures, loss of consciousness, and, in some extreme cases – death. Empty pesticides containers are reused which again harm the environment and leaves its negative effect on the health of its users. The use of such toxic leads to air, water and soil pollution. Apart from the pests, pesticides also cause great harm and leads to death of small animals and birds consuming them inadvertently. According to W.H.O there have been nearly 2 billion USD worth of pesticides used annually, of which pesticides worth about 819 million have been declared
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