Essay on Fashion Identity

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‘‘Fashion provides one of the most ready means through which individuals can make expressive visual statements about their identities’’. Bennet, A. (2005). Culture and Everyday Life. London: Sage. p. 96.

Discuss this statement with reference to individual examples.

As Bennet suggests in the above statement, People use fashion as one of the easiest and realistic ways in which they can express their personality and their true identity to show to others in their everyday life to show their own idealistic attitudes and values and to what kind of person they are. But can we as an audience truly make an assumption as to a person’s character from simply what they wear? Particularly focusing on the male identity and fashion masculinity;
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If Bennet’s original quote is believed to be true, it is evident here in Perry’s expression of his identity.

Is it easier for men to be fashionably forward than it is for women? Do men care enough for the media and retail market to give them enough attention to be fashionable? Josh Sims; a freelance style writer who regularly contributes to The Independent, GQ and Esquire, says “Whilst the women’s wardrobe has its classics - lasting styles often reinterpreted and frequently updated - there are arguably more of these in the men’s wardrobe”. Sim’s elaborates on the essential pieces that make up every man’s wardrobe in ‘Icons of Men’s Style’. Whether a man be fashion conscious or not, the DNA of his wardrobe will still stretch from a range of product from jackets, to shoes, to shirts, to jeans. Sim’s suggests that although women look for fashion, men maintain style through their numerous pieces in their wardrobe that make up their overall outfit. I think that whoever the man may be, his wardrobe will ultimately make up his persona and the type of person he is - much like what Bennet has stated previous. Even though a man may not deliberately pick his clothes to be fashion forward, I think that subconsciously every decision has been made for a reason whether it be a £325.00 cotton-blend white shirt by Alexander McQueen*, or an almost replica white shirt for £6.00 at George, by Asda**, the man in question has come
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