Fashion In Japanese Fashion

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FASHION Another distinct change in Japanese culture is the way they dress, from traditional clothing to modern day. In the olden days, the kimono was a Japanese garment that was worn by women on a daily basis. However, today, they are mainly worn for special occasions such as funerals, wedding ceremonies, church, etc. Fashion represents an important component of Japanese popular culture due to its tremendous contribution in enabling people to express themselves through their clothing. This is done through many styles such as freestyle, Lolita, Cosplay and much more. Japan is known for their street fashion of freestyle. It is a fashion style where people customize their outfits by adopting a mixture of current and traditional trends similar to high waist pants and shirts, to overall pants and much more. “Harajuku” is a name of a district in Tokyo that is known for freestyle fashion and also a trendsetting area. A great deal of teenagers, spends time hanging out and women come in style clothing that they created themselves to flaunt it around. Lolita is another fashion style that can be instantly recognisable like lacy or frilly skirts, heavy makeup, hair bands, and ribbon. Lolita consists of over fifteen different types of style for women. A few of which are Gothic Lolita which has been generally considered to be the most popular style of Lolita, it has the basic Lolita aesthetic of cute, mixed with dark colored materials and dark makeup. Classic Lolita which is often
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