Fashion In The 1980s

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Fashion in the 1980s
Do you still remember the time wearing neon, teased hair and low makeup? Every decade has their own style and trend to make their fashion memorable. The 80s represented the fashion boomtime. Significantly, the increasing of cable TV, the pandemic of the HIV/AIDS disease, the changes in the government, and so many important events had happened and impacted on the fashion industry at that time. All the fashion trends of 1980’s were very interesting and some of them are still being followed today.
1980s Historical, Political and Social Events On June 5, 1981 the virus that became known as HIV was mentioned for the first time in the medical publication, and was believed that it was a big issue, a social evil of the society.
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Fashion designers not only developed the fashion from the past to fit it to the needs of present day, but also focused on creating clothes for future. The early 80s, dressing like tennis player was cool and wearing blocking shapes were popular, it appeared in almost every clothes. The baggy sweaters referred to “Cosby sweaters” were very common. During that time, power dressing was a major fashion statement of the decade, characterised by the use of increasingly large shoulder pads. The best icon fashion for this trend was Princess Diana with her power and success dressing. Beside that, society loved wearing brand clothes, like Nike, Coca-Cola, and many popular brands. Dance clothing must be mentioned by its unforgettable influence. It was inspired by the 1980 movie Fame and the 1983 movie Flashdance. The dance clothing trends included ripped sweatshirts, legwarmers, and…show more content…
It wasn't just designers, but showroom assistants, stylists, photographers, creative directors, window dressers—an entire generation of creativity, completely decimated. In 1980s New York, fashion was the city’s second-biggest industry, and these people were its pulse. AIDS touched the lives of nearly everyone in the fashion industry, but its effects are rarely discussed, admitted or acknowledged. It became impossible to separate homosexuality and AIDS from the fashion industry, and young, male designers suffered. The media influence on fashion of the time was immeasurable. As news began to report on celebrity gossip, more and more of the wealthy young stars' daily fashion was featured and personal styles became more and more defined. Such as Michael Jackson, Dynasty, Boy George, and especially Madonna. She was known as a material girl of the decade, every girls looked up to her style. These people led the fashion industry by their own fabulous style.Young people could then easily go to the nearest mall and find stylish new clothes to imitate the trends they saw their favorite artists and movie stars wearing in their latest music video, movie, or public appearance. This was also one of the first times that fashion models became celebrities and celebrities became fashion models. Ronald Reagan and his wife Nancy Reagan celebrated a presidential success in fashionable
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