Fashion In The 50's

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1950’s Fashion
The 1950’s had a very interesting style, from poodle skirts to skin tight polkadotted pencil skirts. The 50’s was known for its bright colors and floral designs. Women began to express themselves later into the 50’s, icons like Marilyn Monroe, Audrey Hepburn, and Elizabeth Taylor were the leading ladies in fashion during this time. One of Audrey’s most elegant looks was her Breakfast at Tiffany's sleeveless black dress made by her favorite designer, Givenchy. She accessorized with a triple-strand pearl necklace and some oversized sunglasses. Audrey’s style was known for being very unique and quite classy, which made it easier for young ladies to copy.
Another icon for women during this time was, Elizabeth Taylor. Hollywood’s most classic beauty queen. She was known for her love of diamonds and jewelry. Elizabeth's passion for fashion made her one of the most glamorous stars for over a decade, even after death her perfumes and jewelry collections were bestselling, making her the most respected and beloved female in hollywood.
Marilyn Monroe was a style figure for many girls in the 50’s as well. She was also a very a well known fantasy girlfriend to almost every boy and man during this time.
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Traditionally, women did not wear pants, they wore dresses and skirts while the men wore suits. Women finally began wearing pants later into the 50’s and the in the early 60’s. It had become a new way of expression and style. During the summer most women would wear Halter Top swimsuits with pirate pants, this was acceptable in the early 50’s only because it was a fashion accessory to the swimsuit. Men’s and women’s roles were strictly defined in this decade. Women’s fashions in the 50’s reflected the primness that society expected of females. Skirts were tight and full of hemlines that reached below the knee. Permed hair and high heels were in, you were considered odd if you didn't have that stylish the new
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