Fashion In The Workplace Essay

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The workplace can consist of a diversity of people, and a diversity of workplace fashion. Let me tell you about the diverse workplace fashion I observe at my place of employment, South Padre Island City Hall. Being the front desk receptionist, I see most of my coworkers throughout the day and have categorized the fashion at my workplace as follows: The Business Professional, HR Inappropriate, Casual Islander, The Flamboyant Fashionistas, and Office Uniform. In an organization that consists of at least 10 different departments and one hundred and fifty plus employees, personality is displayed through a variety of workplace fashion. The Business Professional. Slacks, suits, and formal dresses or skirts should be worn when there are important meetings being held at City Hall. While City Council meeting days are designated days that business professional attire must be worn by all, there are employees who wear business professional attire throughout the entire week. Our City Manager is fairly new and came from the City of Tyler. Her preferred workplace fashion is business professional with black being the color she wears the most. Within the first few months for working for the city, the City Council advised her that she should try incorporating more color into her wardrobe since the city is an Island as well. She has taken the councils advise and has incorporated a little more color into her wardrobe, but still, black is her go to color. The City Manager’s office and much of
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