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INTEGRATED MARKETING COMMUNICATIONS CAMPAIGN PROPOSAL Integrated Marketing Communications Campaign Overview for Lisa Brown 1 | P a g e Overview As a small boutique designer label, Lisa Brown has limited resources to implement a detailed marketing plan. However, in such a competitive environment, it is increasingly important for the business to adapt marketing and communication strategies to maintain brand awareness and long-­‐term business viability. MEVA Communications is…show more content…
Upon successful tender, MEVA’s final IMC plan for Lisa Brown will include a more detailed and comprehensive SWOT analysis. At this stage, the following points have been identified: Strengths • • • Strong brand ethos: Australian brand, local manufacturing, use of organic fibers High quality product Passionate designers 2 | P a g e • • • • • • Effective and consistent marketing collateral Individual style Some social networking profiles have been established Creation of a timeless piece Local and international exposure through celebrities Winner of Supreme Award, 2008 NRA Fashion Design Awards Weaknesses • • • • • • • Lack of a business plan to guide and implement long-­‐term business objectives ‘Poppy’ dress has lead to claims as a “one-­‐piece wonder” label Lacking a substantial online presence Undefined target market Effective public

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