Fashion Influenced by Ww2

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What Impact has World War 2 had on Fashion? For this assignment I have been asked to select an aspect of fashion culture to research and investigate. I have decided to base my assignment on World War 2 and investigate the impact it has had on fashion culture as a whole. I have chosen a history based theme for my assignment as I personally believe that history plays a main part in today's fashion culture, and I also think it is very interesting to see how designers today revive fashion from the past. The essay will firstly explore how fashion survived during World War 2, which will include looking at the recycling of materials which took place. Secondly I will examine how work affected what women had to wear; this will also be linked…show more content…
As women’s roles in Western society changed, modern fashion changed along with it. The memorial (see illustration 2) stands in Whitehall, about a hundred yards from the cenotaph. The 22ft-high bronze sculpture depicts the uniforms and working clothes worn by women during the war. Military styling and lines influenced fashions at the start of the war, “women often wore trousers, or a one-piece siren suit” (Harris, C., 2009) this illustrates that it would be easier for women to wear trousers or one piece siren suits as it could be pulled on quickly when an air raid warning siren sounded. Headgear became practical, as it kept hair out of the way rather than as a fashion statement. Large handbags were also used to carry all the family's ration books which suggest that they were also practical rather than fashionable accessories. Holman, B., The Women of World War II Memorial (illustration 2) I consider that women going to work during the World War 2 had a huge impact on today’s society. This is due to the fact that most women have jobs, whether they are married, single, or have children. Another aspect which was influenced by the World War 2 was that military outfits are seen as fashionable and garments today incorporate elements onto the outfit. Lastly another aspect which has carried on since the war is that women wear trousers a lot more than what they did before the World War 2. Paul Poiret’s
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