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How to wear Fashion Jewellry like Celebrity?

Celebrities are the inspiration for us when it comes to fashion jewellery. Celebrities are those who wear so many unique pieces of art and then make it famous and trending. However, all the people will not agree from one celebrity. People tend to follow their favourite one.

We all love to adapt the very style of our ideal celebrity. We do that because, for us, he/she is the most stylish person which inspires us to wear fashion elements like they did.

Same thing happens in jewellery. There are so many designers whose jewelleries are famous just because some of the celebrity wear it either on the red carpet or in any public function. Well, whatever the case is, Jewelleries are the most liked element of fashion which is followed by people.

Everyone wants to be a celebrity. Everyone wants to wear jewellery like a celebrity. In this post, I am going to provide you some jewellery tips about how
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It must not be just a show-off. It must enhance your personality and inner beauty. It can be a great idea to mix heavy pieces with the lighter one. You can also try for layered pieces of jewellery of same or different metal. This will give your attire a vintage touch. Also, two toned rings are also very much trending.
 Mix the Vintage and Contemporary
This era is not just about a modern piece of jewellery. Mix a contemporary art to the fold and feel like a celebrity. A vintage jewellery can be a feast for the eyes. Celebrities try that a lot to look different in the crowd. There are many red carpets shows where the celebrities can be seen wearing vintage dresses along with contemporary jewellery set. The Avengers Star Scarlett Johansson’s engagement ring was also featured with vintage design of three round diamonds placed in a rectangular setting of more diamonds. So, vintage jewellery can be the mojo for you.
 Offbeat
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