Fashion Keg Parties

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Physics is used in everyday activities even when the typical college kid is taking a break from class by attending a bonfire or a house party to blow off steam. Yes, I’m talking about those good ol’ fashion keg parties that everyone seems to believe are the general college night out. You see, physics is at work from the first beer can opened to the last keg stand before the blackout, but it is also acting when the keg is tapped. Kegs come in many shapes and sizes and there are no real measurements as far as weight and amount of alcohol. That means that the physics of all kegs can be different. From lifting one to rolling it to having the ability to balance on your arms above it, some kegs are just easier to commit adolescent indecencies then others. Still all kegs are basically the same in the way of how they work. There is one opening on the top of the keg and a hose that runs to the bottom of the keg called the “spear.” There is also a self-closing valve that has enough tension to hold itself against the unpressured fluid in the barrel of alcohol. This in some cases will have another hose coming off of it with a spigot or could just have a normal spout from which the contents will run until the pressure is relieved or the valve is physically closed. When the tap is inserted into the keg and pumped in pushes air or other gases of your choice into the keg putting the contents under pressure. Depending on the gas used and the amount of fluid in the keg you may need to drink
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